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Bladefury is RACIST! puttin dis bitch on blast...

2008-05-27 03:40:23 by maddskittlezdude

"You still dont get it, God damn you are a fucking stupid n****r. You can type me messages all day long mother fucker, I truely do not give one single flying fuck what you have to say. Your arguments are nothing but retarded points on things that do not matter in the least. It is utterly amazing how you tell me so much about myself when you have got no fucking clue who I am. Yet again I am confounded at how you could fail to comprehend what I am saying, so I will say it once more. Shut the fuck up you stupid n****r, your making yourself look like more of a big stupid n****r with every word you type."

dats wut he said to me in a pm... cept dat da stars werent there... hahaha... my feelins r so hurt... ya kno, he told me all dis in person, face to face, as i held onto dis kitchen knife i got... hahaha, not really, but it doesnt take much of an imagination to guess wut wut happen if dis really wuz in person AND unda those circumstances... id show him a REAL blade fury... hahaha...


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2008-05-27 04:19:58

The person you're talking about is probably around 14 years old.
They probably have no parents and are being brought up by their grandparents from the way this child's narrow-yet-still-inconsistent-views are displayed.
By taunting him you're only allowing for more crack-baby induced violence to fire up, which is something the world needs to start avoiding. As long as they are kept up in their little pens, the retarded little scum will die off and all that will be left are those people whom have a broader and more educated view of things. Thank you.

maddskittlezdude responds:

yea... ur right dude, i gotta learn to be da bigger person n let sum things go... especially on newgrounds... ill leave him alone... im keepin him on blast tho... hahaha... thx dude...


2008-05-27 22:10:31

Funny how you failed to mention your repeated, assanine provoking that finally took me to the level of calling you a stupid bitch n****r. I avoided the big N word for what, 4 months of this bullshit but hey, I think you earned the title? OOOO your the fucking man for quoting all my posts and tearing them down piece by piece with your faggot "logic". Your the one who wanted this shit to stop and yet here you fucking go again. NO ONE FUCKING CARES, least of all me. Can you just SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR GODS FUCKING SAKE. There is no battle here, there is no winning, there is no losing. Its, its the internet. NOTHING HERE IS REAL. NOTHING. NOTHING ON THE INTERNET IS REAL. NOTHING. Read it, comprehend it, shut the fucking shit up.
p.s. God damn your a stupid fucking n****r