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The best you can do is make me chuckle.

2008-05-29 02:21:04 by maddskittlezdude

dats to all da haters...

die slow...

now on sum real ish, im workin on 4 tracks right now, i believe... if not 4, then its three... kinda simultaneously... they will all drop relatively quickly assumin i dont get lazy... but yea, da one im workin on right now is HOT (hint hint... hahaha)

i cant wait to slap ppls in da face wit em...

holla at me!



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2008-05-30 01:11:43

Im flattered you include every single thing I write in your posts. I must be some kind of awesome writer.

maddskittlezdude responds:

Im flattered you read every single thing I write in my posts. I must be some kind of awesome writer.


2008-06-01 08:13:23

in reply to what u said to killbill, u'll be surprised to see how many dudes are about the same sorta age as u on this website. including myself man, hell im like 2 years younger than u. and we all busy too bruh. its a struggle, but we gotta do wut we gotta do to achieve the success.

can't wait to hear wut u got lined up bruh.

keep it real homie!~

-Pop Rock, CEO of Down n Dirty Entertainment, signed artist of Young Billionaires Entertainment

maddskittlezdude responds:

yea... but ur good tho, when i wuz say 15 yrs old i wuz just bs-ing... had a lotta time but didnt kno wut to do wit it, tho my grades in skoo WERE a little betta than recently, tho ive always had decent grades at my worst... but yea, wheneva i come im comin hard! just keep ya eyes peeled n ears open... im a fan dude, so keep ya head up n keep droppin dat fye!!