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2008-06-08 13:56:12 by maddskittlezdude

so maybe im just a little bit crazy...

but i said to... dj ses i think it wuz... dat competition is wut fuels da rap game...

so why cant it be wut fuels da hip hop portal as well? or any portal for dat matter, witout causin beefs?

i think beefin is kinda pointless to sum extent...

but competition is... great!

so yea, im kinda crazy cuz i kno there r many dat can smash me...

n also i dont have much free time as it is...

but i also kno im not stupid, n i usually have sumthin greater come outta me when i feel threatened or challenged...

so whos up for it? a str8 up beat battle, wuteva style u like, whether ur a minimalist or u just love samples, u like epic music or crunk music... hahaha... doesnt matter, lets battle!!

dis is all in good fun, for competition, lets bring more life to dis portal!!

holla!! n ill respond asap to da first challenge i get...

if i get any... its worth a try... =]


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2008-06-27 06:42:23

lol I'm posting this every where :P I wanna beat battle you!

maddskittlezdude responds:

hahaha... GOTCHA!! but Joey Keysz got first... u should peep him out too, boy is on fiya!! but afta we battle n collab, then ill holla fa sho!!



2008-07-10 10:51:10

I'm up for a battle, good sir.

maddskittlezdude responds:

damm... sorry so late... ill battle u tho... well... mebbe i should reply to ur page huh?