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on dat otha shit...

2008-10-29 22:15:00 by maddskittlezdude

peep out dat new track "JIGGIN ON DA FLOOR" ya digg??? kinda sorta on my grind...

-D. Hill aka *The Solution*

show sum luv ya digg??!!


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2008-10-29 22:35:47

wow if your really black your a wanksta and if your white your trying to hard to "talk" black

(Updated ) maddskittlezdude responds:

mang, yall ppls dont kno how to have a lil fun huh? cuz i aint a wanksta (a fake ass gangsta) as i neva claimed to be a gangsta... n for all da white ppls dat "talk black," wtf is talkin black? i coulda swore black wuz a color n not a lnaguage u dumb ass uneducated muhfukka... n how da hell is TYPIN da same as TALKIN? get a fkkn life n get off my dick.

n if i dont say sumthin in real life, i sure as hell aint bouta type it, u dont kno shit about me.

das newgrounds for ya tho huh bitch??

fukk u.

n ur super dumb. why in da hell would i have a pic of sum otha muhfukka on my page? n on top of dat, dat same muhfukka is on my myspace page in picture, audio AND video! da video shows him and u can hear him, da voices match from da audio, n da images match wit da video as well... hard to be a fake person dat really exists huh?

uz a dumb bitch... hahaha...


2008-10-30 16:47:06

only wannabe black guys would say muhfukka...

maddskittlezdude responds:

take ur dumb ass on sumwhere. wutchu kno bout bein black? u talk bout dicks all day. n ur childish. shut da fukk up... n u really dunno wutchu talkin bout cuz we sure as hell dont say "motherfucker" so... come on now... dumb bitch. n im quotin a jeezy song (assumin u kno who dat is, hes black too) n he says "how much dis club cost? might buy dis muhfukka..." i guarantee it. i aint got shit to prove to u, im at an hbcu, i woulda been got called out for fraudulence if dat wuz even da case. ur just fkkn stupid.


2008-11-11 14:02:24 n/186461 let me know what you think


2009-01-19 04:00:47

lolz dont pay these dumb asses any mind.
Keep up and do what you gotta do.
Most of the ppl on NG come on here just to talk shit and act big because they cant do it in real life! lolz
You cant take these ppl seriously
How many "talented rappers" are there on here really? I think the "talented" ones must borrow lines from eachother, like numbButt (he loves it up the ass) and Mumble Jaw (hes a "suhpweme leewacist") who call me a slut,bytch,etc cuhz they dont have shyt on me, so these ppl who dont kno shyt will call you watever they can think of




maddskittlezdude responds:

hahaha... u rite, i aint really worryin bout dumb fucks, but im not really one to take more than a lil bitta shit n not react... plus, dis kids whole page is fkkn dedicated to animated porn... get sum real pussy!! xD

but ur rite, when mofos aint got shit on u, they try to talk it to ya... but talk is cheap n time is money... so if u wastin time talkin, das money down da drain... fukk em...

hot shit on myspace btw! stay up

-D. Hill