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Ricky Bobby Freestyle [N I Changed My Mind Bxtch!!!]

2009-01-24 20:57:50 by maddskittlezdude

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I'm still doin my thang, waitin for da chance to snag a betta mic. I don't see myself as a freestyle artist, but I can still hop in on a cipher n be koo. Dis is wit my homeboy K.G.

-D. Hill a.k.a. The Solution

L.A.X. Nukka... xD

[EDIT: If u dunno, dis is called Ricky Bobby freestyle cuz das da name of da song i got dat instrumental from... So dont be expectin to see Will Ferrell or nuthn like dat... xD]

[ANUDDA EDIT: BXTCH!!! I changed my mind... yall aint gonna catch a beat from me here, but I will use dis bitch as promotionally as possible!!! xD]

Finally got one of these hoes... Get at meh!!! ka+The+Solution


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2009-01-24 21:37:49

I sa Whaa?

maddskittlezdude responds:

I say huuuhhh?? Wutchu talkn bout?


2009-03-17 00:31:46

D we want more music!

maddskittlezdude responds:

hahaha... das wussup, i been lettin even myself down... i figured id have my ish together cuz i have money to get a mic... but i keep findin myself havin to pay for more important thangs... but im not sleepin tho, im still makin beats n wutnot, all i need is a mic to seal da deal... hahaha... preciate dat tho, stay up!